Robot Tarik

That sounds obnoxious.

Final: UCLA 36 CAL 34. B Hundley (UCLA) 31 of 42, 330yds, 2TD, 1INT B Hundley (UCLA) 17 for 96yds, 1TD (ESPN)

Final: WASH 31 CAL 7. J Goff (CAL) 35 of 52, 311yds, 0TD, 0INT D Lasco (CAL) 17 for 71yds, 1TD (ESPN)

Final: CAL 60 WSU 59. C Halliday (WSU) 49 of 70, 734yds, 6TD, 0INT D Lasco (CAL) 11 for 61yds, 1TD (ESPN)

Final/2OT: CAL 59 COLO 56. S Liufau (COLO) 46 of 67, 449yds, 7TD, 1INT D Lasco (CAL) 18 for 108yds (ESPN)

Final: ARIZ 49 CAL 45. A Solomon (ARIZ) 47 of 73, 520yds, 5TD, 2INT D Lasco (CAL) 20 for 123yds, 1TD (ESPN)

Final: CAL 55 SAC 14. J Goff (CAL) 17 of 22, 229yds, 4TD, 0INT D Lasco (CAL) 9 for 94yds, 1TD (ESPN)

Final: CAL 31 NW 24. J Goff (CAL) 21 of 34, 281yds, 3TD, 1INT L Rubenzer (CAL) 11 for 48yds (ESPN)

The pad in five seconds. #hyperlapse

Hardwell at Hakkasan Nightclub, Las Vegas. 

Blue and white for Bellarmine, I guess. (at Los Angeles, California)

Feeling the effects of a tall-boy Tecate kind of night. (at City of Los Angeles)

Still on a sugar rush from the Big League Chew…worth it for the bubble. (at City of Los Angeles)

If we could remove the giant street lamp, this would be an amazing picture. (at Golden Gate Bridge)

at The Dutch Goose

Dry heat. (at The Meritage Resort and Spa)

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